Reblog: African Martial Arts in American Media

Note: This is the first in a series of blog posts I published in 2015. I thought it would be relevant given the release of Marvel’s The Black Panther and its use of traditional African Martial Arts in the Warrior Falls scenes. G.W. Martial arts cinema has evolved over the years to include movies […]

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Reblog: Urban Fantasy 101- Mythology Soup

If you take an introductory anthropology or religion class, chances are that your professor will at some point bring up Joseph Campbell’s theory of the monomyth, boiling it down to “every culture shares these aspects of myth and all stories in mythology share archetypes that are common across time and space”. And since the person […]

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Reblog: Old Style Tai Chi video

A video surfaced recently of an old performance of Wu style Tai Chi from a gentleman called Cheng Wing-Kwong (1903-1967), who was a disciple of the Wu Jian-Quan, the founder of Wu style Tai Chi. The video is poor quality, but I like the performance – it’s flowing, well coordinated and done at a good pace, […]

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Sam Nunberg: the Tempest in a Teacup

Yesterday, media and pundits exploded with the rantings and ravings of a clown and they responded like he was an A-list movie star.


Sam Nunberg, a POI (person of interest) in the Robert Mueller Russia-gate investigation, made the rounds on many of the talking head shows to state his case as to why he felt he shouldn’t have to respond to a subpoena from the Special Counsel, even after already being interviewed once, mainly because he’d have to spend many, many hours sifting through his emails… plus he didn’t want to flip on Roger Stone.  And he was mightily indulged in this.

Seriously.  Granted, it was a breaking story when he first called in to Katy Tur’s show on MSNBC, but as the day wore on it quickly became obvious there was nothing to this other than a chump wanting some tv time.  Even those that know him say he’s an attention whore, so why was so much given to him?  Why?

Nunberg’s a lawyer.  He knows the law.  He knows full well he has to comply with the subpoena or go to jail for as long as eighteen months- the length of a grand jury.  So why the goofball act?  Why go on multiple shows and rant about not complying, how unfairly he’s being treated, scoffing at Mueller’s willingness to put him in jail, daring Mueller to do so and then announce at the end of the night he’d comply but “wouldn’t make it easy for them”?

CNN’s Erin Burnett capped it off nicely, with a couple of direct questions for Nunberg, questions everyone else seemed to miss for some reason.

His stint on The Beat with Ari Melber was the topper.  Some have said this was more like an on-air intervention; journalists stepping up to help Nunberg before it’s too late.  Again, it’s not like he didn’t already know he’d have to comply- and he even alluded to it several times that day- and it didn’t take six interviews for him to finally see the light.  He knew.  He just wanted some face time for some reason.  And you can’t deny that it filled up a lot of airtime- at the expense of everything else that wasn’t covered.  By everyone.

Bullshit like this is why folks get cynical about the media.